Monday, 7 July 2014

Fabric Design

It's been a busy Spring! Actually I have been working on lots of Graphic Design stuff which has been kinda nice for a change. Some wedding invites, 60th Birthday invites, Baby Showers, Movie Wedding Posters. Quite the selection I must say. I also did a show that I will post about later for the Midhurst Rate Payers.
For right now though, I wanted to get this pic up as now that the wedding has passed, I can post it and know I won't ruin my gift to the happy couple.
Last year I discovered this website called Spoonflower. A super cool site that you can upload your own graphics too and then they print you design on the fabric of your choice and mail it to you. I have too many ideas in my head for this amazing service so I just kinda panicked and didn't do anything with it.
Then, this past winter, our neighbours were planning their wedding. When they asked if I could give them a hand with some of the invitation stuff, I was pumped. It has been a while since I had worked on wedding invites and I forgot how much fun they are. Especially since the invention of Pinterest! Catherine and Mike (the Bride and Groom), had this kind of rustic, outdoor, classy thing going for their theme. In my looking around trying to design their invites, I found this image of a tree. It was too cartoon-y for a wedding invite, but I saved it because I loved the image.
As the wedding approached, I found the image and remembered the fabric printing. I could make a pillow! What a cool thing and I thought they would appreciate the connection to the wedding theme. It turned out amazingly well I think.

Front of Pillow
Back of Pillow
Because of the size of the design and size of material I ordered, there was half of another print. So I cut out the Catherine & Mike heart and stitched it on the back of the pillow. The pillow has no zipper because I don't know that I'm advanced enough sewer to attempt zippers. The back is a different fabric that I found that matched the design. So there are two pieces that overlap on the back making it easy to remove the cover and wash.

So, if you are creative and like to sew, check out this Spoonflower site. So cool!

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