Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas Cut-Outs

So here is the beginning of my latest project. We decided that we were going to add something to our Outdoor Christmas decor each year. I was inspired by our trip to Santa's Village this summer. They had these cool trees painting off in the forest and I thought my normal thought, "I can do that."
So I drew out some cutouts (a 4' tree, a 5' tree, a 6' tree and a 5' elf to be exact) on plywood and Grant cut them out for me. Here are some pics of the beginning stages. They are painted now and up on the lawn, I just haven't got a picture. I will take one this weekend. Hopefully by then we have our spot light on them at night too so I can show you how cool they look by the house when they are lit up.
Ho Ho Ho. Charlie loves them! Thinks they're cool.

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